Journal of the Jesus Movement in its Jewish Setting #5 – free access

The latest edition of the Journal of the Jesus Movement in its Jewish Setting (5) is now out with the great news that it has also secured more funding to ensure that it can continue its commitment to the production of a quality open access journal that maintains the high academic standards that it has set itself.

JJMJS is strongly committed to remain open access.  Moving forward, we, as any other open-access journals, must secure long-term economic stability without compromising academic quality. We are therefore very pleased to announce that, through a unique collaborative effort, JJMJS is now entering a multilateral partnership with Hebrew University of JerusalemDePaul University in Chicago, and the University of Oslo.

This edition is something of a feast for those interested in Paul, Pauline scholarship, and first century CE Judaism and is timed to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of E.P. Sanders’ Paul and Palestinian Judaism. The edition is divided into two parts. Part I considers the “impact of the work of E.P. Sanders forty years after the publication of his magisterial Paul and Palestinian Judaism“. Part II then explores Paul in contemporary research with three articles reflecting on the work of Paula Fredriksen and John Gager. The final article is Paula Fredriksen’s response to these articles.

As before the journal can be read on a magazine-style screen reader (just click on the screen below) as well as offering each article as individual pdfs.


Part I Paul and Palestinian Judaism

Anders Runesson – Paul and Palestinian Judaism: A milestone in New Testament and early Jewish studies

Matthew Theissen – Conjuring Paul and Judaism forty years after Paul and Palestinian Judaism

Neil Elliott – Taking the measure of an earthquake: Comments on the 40th- anniversary edition of Paul and Palestinian Judaism

Adele Reinhartz – Paul and Palestinian Judaism in 20th century context

Gregory Tatum – Did Paul find anything wrong with Judaism?

Part II Paul in Current Research: Gager and Fredriksen

James Crossley – Paul within Judaism? A response to Paula Fredriksen and John Gager

Margaret Mitchell – Paul and Judaism now, Quo Vadimus?

Matthew Novenson – Whither the Paul within Judaism schule?

Paula Fredriksen – Putting Paul in his (historical) place: A response to James Crossley, Margaret Mitchell and Matthew Novenson.

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