Carnival Extravaganza

Wondering why there has been no mention of the monthly carnivals on this blog? Wondering why the summer heat has suddenly dissipated into days of cold, grey windblown drizzle? The reason to both those questions is that I’ve been on holiday (long, lazy days of painting bathrooms and weatherproofing the chicken house – it’s a glamorous old life). Well. I’m just sneaking back to bring you news of not just one… not even two… but THREE carnivals!

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Mirrors, body-dump babies, zombies and more: Roman Bioarchaeology Carnival LXXIII

For those with an interest in history the latest edition of Kristina Killgrove‘s wonderful Roman Bioarcheology Carnival is out. As usual, Kristina runs through the month picking the best, most interesting and the downright quirky news from the world of bioarchaeology.

Kristine Killgrove Image:
Kristine Killgrove Image:

Bioarchaeology research can be extremely helpful in our study and understanding of the Bible and the world in which it was formed. There are a  number of posts in this month’s offerings that are worthy of note. Continue reading