The God Who Speaks: The Bible in Today’s World

(Part of the CCBEW ‘The God Who Speaks’ – The Year of the Word 2020)

9th January 2020

13:30 – 19:30

Newman University

This study afternoon will include keynote lectures and workshops exploring how the Bible is used in contemporary political discourse, its place in Western culture, and whether it can continue to engage first-time readers. Confirmed speakers include Jim West (Adjunct Professor at Ming Hua Theological College and minister of Petros Baptist Church in Tennessee); Symon Hill (author of The Upside-Down Bible); David McLoughlin (Founder member of the Movement of Christian Workers and Emeritus Research Fellow, Newman University) and Richard Goode (Senior Lecturer in Theology, Newman University).

The event is open to schools, parishes, Theology students, and all with an interest in the relevance of the bible today.


1.30 – 2.00           Arrival and Registration
2.00 – 3.15          The Bible in Social Media – Richard Goode
3.15 – 3.45          Tea Break
3.45 – 5.00          Workshops
Participants choose 1 from:

Reading the Bible for the First Time – Symon Hill
Re-reading Parables in the World of Work – David McLoughlin

5.00 – 6.00          Wine Reception

6.00 – 7.30          Keynote Lecture: Scripture Abides: The Reception of the Bible in Western Culture – Jim West

FREE OFFER to all Attendees!!

We are also delighted to announce that De Gruyter, the publishers of Encyclopedia of the Bible and its Reception (EBR), which to date runs to 17 volumes, has very generously offered to give everyone who books a place on this event 30 days free access to the online EBR database containing thousands of articles.

Registration is essential and a charge of £10 to cover light refreshments and administration is payable on booking.

Booking can be made through the Newman Estore facility: Newman Estore.

How to find us:

For more information, please contact:

Richard Goode – 

                            0121 476 1181 ext. 2472

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