Tools for Studying the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament

You will find on this page links to tools related to the study of the Hebrew Scriptures/ Old Testament.


Complete Jewish Bible with Rashi Commentary

Parallel Hebrew Old Testament


banner image shebanq


SHEBANQ stands for System for HEBrew Text: ANnotations for Queries and Markup and is an incredibly sophisticated open-access system for the study of the Hebrew Bible, produced by the ETCBC in cooperation with the German Bible Society and the Netherlands Bible Society.

SHEBANQ offers a very powerful tool for the study of the Hebrew Bible (I have only just discovered it and so have only explored a small part of what it has to offer). It has been designed as a space for Hebrew textual scholars to share knowledge, research and questions about the text by adding comments and queries in a sort of online, dynamic and organic critical apparatus. However, it also finds a very useful resource for students and other interested people.

The text can be selected in Hebrew and phonetic Hebrew forms – both formats are fully marked and tagged. Clicking on words accesses colour coded information (colours can be selected and changed to suit the user’s wishes).

Screenshot of SHEBANQ text window
Screenshot of SHEBANQ text window

SHEBANQ also offers a very useful tool for those learning Hebrew through its Bible Online Learner package (this also includes Greek). For those who want to set up an account, there are quizzes and exercises to complete. However, there is also the facility to type in the reference to any Hebrew text and the text is fully broken down (and annotated) according to word, phrase, clause and sentence.

Screenshot of SHEBANQ's Hebrew Leaner showing Genesis 1:1-3
Screenshot of SHEBANQ’s Hebrew Leaner showing Genesis 1:1-3



Jewish Tanach

Complete Jewish Bible with Rashi Commentary

This site provides a searchable complete Hebrew Tanach (Jewish Bible), with Hebrew and English translations and which is accompanied with a Rashi commentary.

The text is ordered according to the Tanach. The three sections (Torah, Nevi’im and K’tuvim) can be selected as well as their respective individual texts.

Screenshot Hebrew Tanach
Screenshot of the Complete Jewish Bible with Rashi commentary

The commentary is from Rabbi Shlomo Yitzchaki also known (in Latinized form) as Rabbi Solomon Isaac (1040 – 1105). Although old, it is still influential and is a good introduction for those wanting to read ‘Old Testament’ texts from a Jewish perspective and encounter midrashic interpretation for the first time.

Other useful texts can be found in the menu on the left of the screen.

Heb OT Header

Parallel Hebrew Old Testament header

Parallel Hebrew Old Testament

This site offers you parallel translations of the Old Testament that include three versions of Hebrew (Modern, paleo-Hebrew and transliterated), Latin (Vulgate) and eight other English translations per verse.


Screenshot Par Heb OT
Screenshot of Genesis 1:1 from Parallel Hebrew Old Testament

It should be noted that there is no tagging and I am not not aware of which versions the Hebrew text reflect.

Sefaria header


Sefaria is a wonderful resource to which more material is being added. Sefaria in a virtual library of Jewish writings and is fast becoming the go-to site for these texts. Although many are in Hebrew, there is an ongoing project to provide English translations.

Sefaria Daniel

Screenshot of Daniel 1 in Sefaria

Sefaria also provides a useful introductory video and tutorial.


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