About the Centre

The Newman Research Centre for the Bible and its Reception is a part of the Newman University’s Department of Theology and Religious Studies, Birmingham, UK. As well as conducting research we are also developing ways to engage non-specialists with the fields of critical biblical research. We have launched a number of initiatives with the aim of creating a working dialogue with those outside this academic field which include public seminars, conferences and classes introducing New Testament Greek. All of these are designed to be accessible to all and to provide access to high standard resources to offer an enhanced understanding of the Bible.

Areas of Research
The Newman Research Centre for the Bible and its Reception engages with the academic study of the Jewish and Christian Bible, its later reception (in art, music, literature and culture), and its relevance to contemporary society. The primary research interests of the Centre’s staff include:

  • Literary, Cultural and Postcolonial Readings of the Old Testament
  • The Bible in Art and Visual Culture and other aspects of the study of the reception of the Bible
  • Early Jewish and early Christian exegesis of the Bible and study of its early textual forms

A series of open public seminars is offered each year. For further details please email R.Goode@newman.ac.uk

Research Grants Awarded
Recent research funding gained includes:
Bible Society: PhD Studentship in the Use of the Bible in Schools

Higher Education Academy: Podcasts as a Pedagogical Tool for Enhancing the Teaching of Biblical Studies

Members of the research team

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