Journals for Biblical Studies (free open access)

If you do not have access to a university or seminary library , it is often extremely hard to read critical peer-reviewed research journals. Individual subscriptions can be costly and not always possible. However, there are some very good publications that are free and accessible to all.

Journal of the Jesus Movement and its Jewish Setting (JJMJS)

Journal for Interdisciplinary Biblical Studies (JIBS)

Journal of Hebrew Scriptures

Old Testament Essays


Lectio Difficilior

The Ancient Near East Today


JJMJS BannerJournal of the Jesus Movement and its Jewish Setting

Published by Eisenbrauns , the JJMJS is a new interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed, on-line journal specialising in the Jewish setting of the Jesus Movement up until the seventh century.

Its editorial team include:

Torleif Elgvin (NLA University College, Oslo)
Paula Fredriksen (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Anders Runesson (McMaster University, Hamilton, ON)
Alexei Sivertsev (DePaul University, Chicago)

The introduction for Issue 1 states that the “journal aims to advance scholarship on this crucial period in the early history of the Jewish and Christian traditions when they developed into what are today known as two world religions, mutually shaping one another as they did so.”

The current issue can be found here. You will also find a link to previous issues on this page.

There is also an on-line forum which is also open access where discussions relating to the featured articles is encouraged. The forum can be found here 

Journal for Interdisciplinary Biblical Studies (JIBS)

A very recent and welcome newcomer to the stable. JIBS looks set to be a valuable resource for those with specific interests in contextual/ideological hermeneutics and readings of the Bible.

“JIBS is a peer-reviewed, open access journal dedicated to publishing cutting edge articles that embody interdisciplinary, social justice-oriented, feminist, queer, and innovative biblical scholarship. We welcome submissions that challenge canonical and/or disciplinary norms and boundaries or that query the field of biblical studies’ relationship to the broader investigation of human religion, culture, and literature. JIBS will publish two issues a year in summer and in winter.”


JHS bannerJournal of Hebrew Scriptures

Established in 1996, this is a peer-reviewed journal that encourages and develops research on the Hebrew Bible, Ancient Israel’s History and associated fields of studies. The editorial board consist of: Christophe Nihan (General Editor), Mark J. Boda and Konrad Schmid.

Articles are set out chronologically (latest at the top) and are fully searchable. A highly recommended resource.

OT Essays image

Old Testament Essays

Another excellent open access peer-reviewed journal covering “all aspects of Old Testament literature, theology, archaeology and society.” This triannual journal is published by the Old Testament Society of Southern Africa (OTSSA). The online archive includes all editions from volume 15:1 (2002) to present.

Their mission statement reads: “Old Testament Essays functions as a vehicle which publishes Old Testament research from various points of view. Its primary aim is to regulate and propagate the study of the Old Testament in Africa. Various fields related to the study of the Old Testament are covered: philological / linguistic studies, historical critical studies, archaeological studies, socio-historical studies, literary studies and rhetorical studies.”


Biblica banner


Biblica is the Pontifical Biblical Institute‘s Journal of biblical studies. It publishes three times a year and offers a wide range of exegetical articles. First published in 1920, its on-line archive go back to 1998. These can be accessed from the menu on the left of the screen and its archives. Helpfully there is also an index by author and biblical book.

Lectio Difficilior banner

Lectio Difficilior

Available in German, English and French, and currently edited by Silvia Schroer (Bern) and Tal Ilan (Berlin), Lectio Difficilior is the cross confessional,  European electronic Journal for Feminist Exegesis. The journal is published biannually by the University of Bern.

The journal was first published in 2000 and all articles are fully and freely accessible through their ‘archive’ page. There is a wide range of articles on both the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament. There is also a very handy links page which lists a number of related journals, scholars and sites.


Ancient Near East Today

The Ancient Near East Today

Not specifically a journal, but a valuable resource for keeping up to date with all matters relating to archaeological research of the Ancient Near East. The e-newsletter is published by Boston University’s American School of Oriental Research. The newsletter covers a range of well researched articles covering recent finds and research news. It is free of charge, but full access requires registering as a ‘Friend of ASOR‘ (also completely free of charge).

Becoming a Friend of ASOR also provides you with free access to a wealth of resources, including videos, publications and podcasts.



3 thoughts on “Journals for Biblical Studies (free open access)

  1. I found your page quite by accident and would love to be enriched by what is on offer. How, as I am not too clever with modern technology (I’m 82) can I get into all the interesting articles that seem to be on offer to the general public?


  2. the Virgin Birth;the Resurrection; how to understand God’s anger in the Hebrew Bible;the influence of other religions on the composition of the Psalms; understanding Paul and articles on all the Gospels


  3. You shouldn’t need to have any other technology than the device that you are using to view this site. If you click on the link, this should open a new window in which you can view contents which you can then click on to see the article that you want to read.


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