Plant a Bible Garden

Welcome to ‘Plant your own Biblical Garden’ project developed for the Year of the Word 2020 in conjunction with the Birmingham diocese and Newman University.

A fun and educational project that will open up the world of nature and the Bible to your class or children

This set of resources aims to give you some ideas and information about how to grow you own biblical garden. The plants that we will be featuring have been specially selected as being very easy to grow and requiring relatively low maintenance. Seeds can also be purchased cheaply and easily, which makes it an ideal activity for primary and junior schools as well as at home. For more information on the background of this project click here: Growing a Bible Garden (YOTW 2020).

I am delighted that Alexandra Leighton, a second year Theology undergraduate from the University of Birmingham who has been working with us as part of her placement, has provided a number of resources relating to growing plants of the Bible.

You will find that all the resources are paired, with one set being directed to adults and the other more suitable for children.

Content can be accessed via the menu tabs or the site map below.

Plant your biblical garden site map

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This set of resources is still under construction and more material will be uploaded regularly