A conjunction of carnivals

In astronomy a ‘conjunction’ is an event in which, when viewed from the earth, two (or more) celestial objects align and, as a result, appear to meet. This is viewed by astronomers as very interesting and, therefore, is seen to be a good thing. Non-astronomers tend to be rather less sanguine about the whole thing and peer into the great panoply of the heavens saying, “Tell me again where Venus is?” (but this is their problem and not the astronomers’)…

Astronomical conjunctions are pretty common and outside the astronomical fraternity they often go unremarked – unless it happens near Christmas when someone rattles off a newspaper column about having just discovered the true meaning of the star of nativity.

So I am delighted to inform you of a much rarer conjunction – this month sees the conjunction of Biblical Studies Carnivals. Instead of the normal two, we have… (drum roll)… wait for it… ONE Carnival!!!

Now, normally we might feel very short-changed by the whole thing. After all, there is one less star among the monthly constellations of biblical scholarship/geekery* (*delete as applicable). However, what makes this good news is that Jim West does both – the official carnival and his aubergine (or something) one… well actually he only does one, but it seems sort of a little bit like two… actually it’s best if you go over and see for yourself.

The carnival is called: The 2015 SBL Annual Meeting Carnival: All The Best Tweetings

For those new to this, ‘SBL’ refers to the main guild of biblical scholars; the Society of Biblical LiteratureTheir annual meeting is one of the high points in the year (except for those of us who are in the middle of teaching!! Although Sue did manage to get over there to present a paper) and Jim’s blog features a scholar’s eye view of the event (before, during and after) through tweets. It gives a real flavour of the excitement and energy this event generates (all accompanied by Jim’s perceptive snark-filled commentary). If you have a twitter account, there’s a good chance you’ll find some new people to follow.

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