February Carnival of Biblical Studies

As February gives way to the dawn of March it can only mean one thing: CARNIVAL TIME!

Sure enough and right on cue, Jim West ‘s ‘The February Carnival: The ‘Love is in the Air’ Edition‘ comes crackling and snarling out of the gate. Once again it is an eclectic mix spanning a wide range of areas and so there will be something there for everyone.

Wolf Hall
Blatant pandering to popular culture by using image from Wolf Hall. Image: BBC

By the way, for all those in the UK suffering withdrawal symptoms from the ubiquitous BBC production of Wolf Hall and in case you gained from it the impression that all the Reformers were a gaunt, strangely humourless and a rather passionless breed, take a look at Jim’s Zwinglius Redivivus blog. You will get a real feel for what it would be like if Zwingli et. al. were living among us in the 21st century. It will cure you forever of the misconception that they were a dour and joyless lot. Be prepared for verbal pyrotechnics, a whiplash wit and leave any sacred cows at home…