End of semester news round-up

The sun is at last shining. Most of the undergraduates have dispersed leaving the library and atrium feeling strangely empty and rather lonely. However, the campus is far from quiet. Major building work is underway; buildings are cordoned off, the chapel stands gutted and open to the elements, and the sound of heavy plant machinery fills the hot summer air. All this tells us that the spring/summer semester has now drawn to a close and this affords me a brief respite in time to give you a round up of news about the centre for the year so far – and a very busy year it has been!

Atrium Starbucks
Newman Atrium Starbucks

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Public talk by Symon Hill on ‘The Up-Side Down Bible’

How is the Bible understood by someone reading it for the first time? What do people outside the church make of Jesus’ teaching? Do they hear a different message to the ones preached within the church? Can their understanding offer insights that we, who are more familiar with the texts and the underpinning layers of theological teaching, might miss?

We are delighted to have Symon Hill visit us on Thursday 7th April to talk about his latest book, The Up-Side Down Bible.  This book is the fruit of Symon’s work with using the Bible amongst groups of people who have no church background or awareness of traditional church interpretation.

Symon Hill

The Up-Side Down Bible

Thursday 7th April

5.00 – 6.00


Upside down bible slanted

When Symon Hill started writing a book about the parables of Jesus, he didn’t turn to commentaries and sermons, but to people who had never heard the words of Jesus before, including atheists, trade unionists and sex workers. The result is a revelation.

Ship of Fools feature

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Advance notice of ‘Rewriting the Exodus’ and other events

The Centre has a number of upcoming events that we are very excited about. More details will be appearing over the coming weeks.

After Easter time we will have cause for a double celebration. Firstly, we will be welcoming back to the fold, Susan Docherty (Head of Theology and  Professor of New Testament and Early Judaism here at Newman University). Sue has been working at Trinity College Glasgow since January following her award of the 2016 William Barclay Distinguished Research Fellowship in Biblical Studies. We will then also have a proper chance to formally celebrate her being conferred as professor when she gives her Inaugural Professorial Lecture in May. Continue reading