Two Carnivals for the Price of One

Apologies to everyone for the lateness of this post, but preparations for the ‘Dead Letters and Living Words‘ conference meant that everything has got a little delayed (conference related posts are scheduled over the coming weeks/months). In an effort to make  amends, we are posting links to not one by TWO carnivals that celebrate the blogosphere of the past month.

 May 2015 Biblioblog

Claude Mariottini is the genial host of this month’s Biblical Studies Carnival and he offers an eclectic bill of fare with something to tempt most palates.

Claude’s observations about the state of biblioblogging today has, in turn, opened a debate with important questions being asked about its purpose and its possible future(s). For example, see Jacob Prahlow’s reflections on his Pursuing Veritas blog. Readers might also be intereseted in Claude’s earlier post on Are Biblioblogs Dying?, posted in March 2014.

Roman Bioarchaeology Carnival LXXII

Bioarchaeologist Kristina Killgrove‘s blog Powered by Osteons is a personal favourite of mine, full of really great material. This month Kristina hosts the Roman Bioarchaeology Carnival LXXII. It is full of wonderful posts which help us to build a far richer understanding of the Roman period that had so much impact upon the formation of Christianity. It really is essential reading if we are to understand the world of the first Christians. This months wonders include: gutter burials, Julius Caesar’s health and a stash of teeth extracted by a Roman dentist!

March Biblical Studies Carnival | Pursuing Veritas

Apologies for the delay (a virus put me out of action for a bit) – here is The March (2015) Biblical Studies Carnival, ably hosted by Jacob Prahlow over on his blog Pursuing Veritas

As always, it is a fascinating and eclectic trawl across last month’s biblioblogs with something for everyone. Thanks Jacob for doing such a great job…

March Biblical Studies Carnival | Pursuing Veritas.