Theology, History, and Biblical Interpretation – book recommendation

Earlier this year Carly Crouch (University of Nottingham) wrote an interesting op.ed. piece, Biblical Studies and Theology: A Rapprochement, in which she described the apparent disconnect between biblical studies and theology. I could identify with much of what she wrote. Moreover, for a number of years, I have been aware that theology students taking some of my courses (particularly those focusing on historical-critical approaches) can often feel a little disoriented when trying to connect these two areas of their studies. When biblical studies and theology meet, rather than one seamlessly augmenting the other, it can appear to be more like a car crash! It is not a new problem, but it is a very real problem nonetheless.

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Was Jesus’ Birth According to Scripture? Steve Moyise @ Newman

The second of Steve Moyise ‘s  seminars at Newman University, WasWas birth of Jesus PPT1 the Birth of Jesus According to Scripture?, explored the use of the Hebrew scriptures in the Matthew and Luke’s nativity accounts and questioned how helpful historical criticism (generally the primary approach used by critical scholars) is for understanding the rationale behind their use.

Unfortunately we encountered difficulties with recording this session. However, we are grateful to Steve for providing us with a handout that includes much of the material from his talk (drawn from a chapter from his latest book – of the same title) and his PowerPoint slides (links below). Continue reading