Discovery of a New Gospel

The discovery of a previously unknown gospel has been recently receiving a lot of attention in the blogosphere and social media.

Gospel of the Lots of Mary
An image of the gospel’s 25th oracle. This oracle translates as “Go, make your vows. And what you promised, fulfill it immediately. Do not be of two minds, because God is merciful. It is he who will bring about your request for you and do away with the affliction in your heart.” Credit: Harvard Art Museums/Arthur M. Sackler Museum, Gift of Mrs. Beatrice Kelekian in memory of her husband, Charles Dikran Kelekian, 1984.669. Image from

The purportedly 1,500 year old Coptic (Egyptian language) manuscript called the ‘Gospel of the Lots of Mary‘ contains 37 oracles that appear to have been intended to have been referred to at random in order to provide direction at a time of decision making or comfort to the user.

Be brave in everything, because your concern is over nothing. The Lord will help you with his right hand. He will send Michael, his angel, and he will help you. And you will conquer those who fight with you, and he will humble your enemies before you.

Oracle 28

Work on this manuscript was conducted by Professor AnneMarie Luijendijk  of Princeton University. Her research can be found in her recently published book Forbidden Oracles? The Gospel of the Lots of Mary, (2014) published by Mohr Siebeck. A preview/selected view edition can be found here on Google Books. Continue reading