Public talk by Symon Hill on ‘The Up-Side Down Bible’

How is the Bible understood by someone reading it for the first time? What do people outside the church make of Jesus’ teaching? Do they hear a different message to the ones preached within the church? Can their understanding offer insights that we, who are more familiar with the texts and the underpinning layers of theological teaching, might miss?

We are delighted to have Symon Hill┬ávisit us on Thursday 7th April to talk about his latest book, The Up-Side Down Bible. ┬áThis book is the fruit of Symon’s work with using the Bible amongst groups of people who have no church background or awareness of traditional church interpretation.

Symon Hill

The Up-Side Down Bible

Thursday 7th April

5.00 – 6.00


Upside down bible slanted

When Symon Hill started writing a book about the parables of Jesus, he didn’t turn to commentaries and sermons, but to people who had never heard the words of Jesus before, including atheists, trade unionists and sex workers. The result is a revelation.

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