Summer Greek at Newman 2019

First Steps into the World of New Testament Greek

1st – 5th July 2019

Newman University

Would you like to hear and read the New Testament in the language in which it was originally written? Have you ever thought of learning New Testament Greek but were afraid that you were just not clever enough? Would you like to spend five days this summer having fun with a group of like-minded people as they begin to discover an old language that shaped the world?

First Steps into the World of New Testament Greek is a fun and informal 5 day course that introduces you to Koine Greek (the type of Greek used by the writers of the New Testament). It assumes absolutely no prior knowledge of the language and will begin with the alphabet. We will work as close as possible to New Testament texts (including working from some manuscripts) and by the end of the course you will be able to read simple sentences from the New Testament. 

NT Greek 2016
Summer Greek 2016

The course will be particularly useful for those wanting to read the primary sources (New Testament, Septuagint, Church Fathers) in their original language or scholarly works where Greek terms and passages are cited. Although the emphasis will be on the later form of Greek (koine) used by the New Testament authors, much of the course can be directly applied to other forms of Greek and would therefore be helpful for historians wanting an introduction into Classical Greek.

Learning a language… plus a whole lot more

The aim of this course is not simply about language acquisition, but to create an awareness of the many, sometimes overlooked, aspects of learning an ancient language.

Alongside learning the language, we will also have sessions that explore the

Summer Greek 2016

world in which NT Greek was used and find out how those writing and copying the manuscripts worked. In this way we begin to discover the interrelationship between the language and the society/ies in which it was used and how understanding one can help us to understand the other.

As the week progresses you will become aware of the difficult, but important, role of the translator. These will include ‘HOT-SEAT’ sessions, where you decide the best way to express a clause or phrase from the New Testament. The week ends with us taking stock of what we have all learnt and, with your newly acquired knowledge, practically exploring the process of translation and what makes a good translation.

It is not as hard as you think

Learning anything new can be rather intimidating and I can profoundly sympathise with you if you feel that learning an ancient language is not just daunting, but well nigh impossible!

Don’t worry. The emphasis of this course is on building confidence and taking the fear out of learning a new language. It is a challenge, but it is a challenge that YOU can achieve.

CS Psalm 83:12
Codex Sinaiticus Psalm 83:12 (84:11) reading, ‘The Lord God loves mercy and truth, The Lord gives peace and glory.’

The structure of the course assumes no previous knowledge of foreign languages.

Each day runs from 10.00 – 15.30.

  • £150 or £30 per day
  • External students – £125 or £25 per day
  • Newman alumni and returners- £50 or £10 per day
  • Newman staff and unwaged – £50 or £10 per day
  • Newman Students – Free (£10 donation for workbook and materials)

Booking is essential

To register: Newman E-store  or 

3 thoughts on “Summer Greek at Newman 2019

  1. Dear Richard, I was just wondering if this might be of some use to our daughter, Beckie, studying Ancient History at Leicester University? She has a long summer vacation and we are keen not to let her brain atrophy too much through watching too many episodes of The Big Bang Theory!  Could you let me know your thoughts? Best wishes,  Stephen  Rev Stephen Winter  07773 760899    On 22 Mar 2018, at 16:00, Newman Research Centre for the Bible and its Reception wrote

    Richard Goode posted: “First Steps into the World of New Testament Greek 18th – 22nd June 2017 Newman University Would you like to hear and read the New Testament in the language in which it was originally written? Have you ever thought of learning New Testament Greek but we”


    1. Dear Stephen, Yes, certainly. I hear that the course is actually MORE entertaining than a box set of The Big Bang Theory!! A major part of the course is exploring the world of Koine Greek and other aspects, as well as language acquisition so there should be a fair bit that would augment her studies. As far as the language goes, the level at which we are working, the course acts just as well as an introduction to Classical Greek – areas where CG and Koine diverge come later.


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