Autumnal Carnivals

‘Biblical studies isn’t boring and if it is, then someone you know is doing it wrong.’ With these wise words from the unconscionably sagacious Jim West, our monthly treat of Biblical Studies Carnivals proves once again that biblical studies is far, far, FAR from boring. So, pour yourself a mug of something warming, throw another log onto the fire and curl up for some autumnal goodies… 

coffee and bible

This month, Phil Long is our suave, erudite and accomplished host. Phil, one of the main drivers behind the carnival, notes that the it is now over ten years old – the first one hosted in March 2005 (when most of you, like me, were in your early teens). I am always grateful for the carnival and for those that perform such a terrific service in hosting it. For those unable to get to conferences and big events, to chat, schmooze and learn, it is an invaluable way to keep abreast of what is happening in the world of biblical studies AND to get to know (a little bit) others in the field. One of the reasons that I promote it here and try to encourage users of this site to have a look at them is that, in fairly informal – and often fun – way, it introduces people to what we do; what excites us, what worries us, what makes us laugh, and above all, why we are so passionate about our fields of research.

Biblical Studies Carnival – October 2015

Phil has done a great job collecting together a rich mix of goodies. Categories include:Old Testament (incl. an item on the use of ‘head’ and ‘headship’ in Gen 1-3 – could be helpful for some of you doing assignments for me; hint, hint), Archaeology, Non-Canonical Writings (incl. some items on the apocrypha AND Pseudepigrapha), New Testament (too many good pieces to mention, but of particular interest to some here would be; Larry Hurtado’s piece on diversity in early Christianity, and also the debate on the Christology of Galatians 1:1), Theology and Church History, Book Reviews; Other Interesting Reads; Seriously? (for the stuff one scratches one’s head over) and In Conclusion in which we are directed over to Jim’s place, so obediently we will accede…

The October Avignonian Carnival: The ‘SBL Is Just 20 Days Away’ Edition 

Over at his Zwinglius Redivivus blog, Jim West, fresh from his monthly quota of slaughtering sacred cows, is preparing (already!) for the annual SBL jamboree. Jim also includes a lot of nice items with classic irreverence. Past students here, who looked at the David and Bathsheba story with me in the Intro to Biblical Studies module (alongside Judges 19, a sure-fire way to raise blood pressures and howls of indignation), will enjoy David Lamb’s ‘David, Bathsheba and God’. Also I think you’ll find Simone Venturini’s examination of the reason’s for Sodom’s destruction.

The New Testament section also includes some interesting items, with Phil Long looking at Romans (the letter rather than the people) and a piece on cross-dressing.

I’ll finally leave you with another example of Jim West’s sage-like loquacity.

Richard is on the cutting edge of all things interesting.

Dr. Jim West

 Ok, so he goes on and qualifies it a bit, but I think a bit of judicious editing never did anyone any harm

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