Carnival Extravaganza

Wondering why there has been no mention of the monthly carnivals on this blog? Wondering why the summer heat has suddenly dissipated into days of cold, grey windblown drizzle? The reason to both those questions is that I’ve been on holiday (long, lazy days of painting bathrooms and weatherproofing the chicken house – it’s a glamorous old life). Well. I’m just sneaking back to bring you news of not just one… not even two… but THREE carnivals!

The August Carnival for Biblical Studies

This month’s carnival is hosted by Bob Macdonald on his Dust blog. I am ashamed to say that it’s the first time that I’ve come across this blog which has some wonderful posts on it – especially for those interested in Hebrew poetry and hymns .

Bob has done a great job in curating us through August’s bibliosphere. Bob takes us day by day through the month. For a month in which I didn’t think much happened, there is a splendid array of topics covered and, once again, there is plenty here to instruct, entertain, challenge and perplex the reader. If that is not enough, the various posts are all listed to the counterpoint of Eliot’s The Wasteland  (I just love this quirky creativity which adds spice to the whole menu!)

Rather than pick out individual items, I’d encourage you all to visit the page. There are some extremely good scholarly articles highlighted (some Newman students may find helpful for this coming year, hint, hint!).

Avignonian Biblical Studies Carnival – the kinder, gentler edition

I know, I know, I was a little unnerved by the title too and stood braced for trap doors and pouncing panthers to leap out at me as soon as I let my guard down. I can guarantee no panthers, but there are plenty of pretty terrifying looking cats!

Jim West, with all the fastidious politeness and the suave, enticing smile of an alligator acting as maître d’ at the Ritz (all visitors being ushered to their tables attended by faint sense of menace) ensures no feathers are ruffled, all possible causes for offence are safely navigated and a convivial (if strangely alarming) atmosphere is maintained throughout.

The Hebrew Bible, LXX, New Testament, Archaeology and General all have their sections. I am particularly pleased to see that Daniel Gullotta’s hair receives an honourable mention. I have to say that this is probably one of the best (if not THE best) Avignonian Carnival to date… and not just because this blog gets 2 mentions… although that, of course, helps…

Roman Bioarchaeology Carnival LXXIV

Kristina Kilgrove’s carnival on her Powered by Osteons blog covers two months this time (July and August). Links are divided according to geographical areas; for example, Italy, Egypt, Israel, Lebanon – I’m probably coming over as being a little patronising here as you are all probably well aware of what a geographical area is (but it is late, and I am meant to be on holiday!).

Links that caught my eye include a report on 3rd/4th cent. Jewish Necropolis, a piece on the bones of victims at the Herculaneum and what they might tell us about the lives of ancient Romans, and Kristina’s own list of the six weirdest ancient Roman ideas about the human body (as recorded by Pliny).


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