Biblical Studies Carnival – first the good news and then the GOOD news

The Good News

Firstly, I am delighted to say that it is time for the June 2015 Biblical Studies CarnivalThis month’s festival of delights is hosted by William Ross, a doctoral candidate at Cambridge.

Once again there is plenty here to amuse, stimulate and inspire. It’s a great chance to catch up with what is happening in the world of biblioblogging and William’s selection demonstrates the wide variety of topics being discussed.


It is always difficult mentioning specific posts, as I am aware that what I find interesting might not be what you find interesting. Nevertheless, I was pleased to see Mike Kock’s series on the Synoptic Problem there (something which will help students here) as well as a couple of items relating to Reception History. In a beautifully balanced way, William has included in his selection, one from the Old Testament (James Pate on Genesis 3:3) and one from the New (David Gowler on Parables). Those who know me will know that I would not be able to resist George Athos on the recent, supposed Canaanite coin discovery or the various items on papyri and manuscripts!

The GOOD News

There has been plenty of wailing and gnashing of teeth of late. This has been partly due to the unseasonably cold/hot weather we have been having of late (delete as applicable), but primarily due to the absence of the much lauded and highly acclaimed Avignonian Carnival over at Zwinglius RedivivusTypewriter

Well, it’s time to brush away the stray tear and let your loins be re-girded as I am thrilled to announce the Return of the Avignonian Carnival. It’s great to hear that Jim West has been let out of the nursing home and he is once more prowling the mean streets and sidewalks of the cyberworld; chisel jawed and a tooth-pick clenched between his lips, his trusty old Remington 5 always within reach of those feared and flying fingers.

Set out chronologically from June 1st, one can almost be persuaded to read the Avignonian Carnival an item a day (rather like taking your vitamin pill – only rather more efficacious). Jim has included some really good stuff, including a couple of mentions of this blog!

Also – who can possibly resist a link to “a review of a book by a person of whom I have never heard on a topic which is of no interest to me”?

Happy reading!

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